spay and neuter DavieFurry, fluffy puppy dogs; huggably-adorable kittens. It’s hard to imagine the world without them, but the sad fact is that there are far too many of our furry friends in our country that don’t enjoy safe and loving homes. It has been estimated that there are approximately 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the US, many of them becoming dangerous and unhealthy while on the streets. This population of homeless pets taxes community resources and fills shelters and often ends tragically with the euthanizing of such animals. As a leading animal hospital in Davie, we have experienced the negatives of too many cats and dogs far too often to not take a stance. We believe that all pet owners should take seriously the responsibility of spaying or neutering their pets. Reasons for doing so include:

  1. It protects the community and the existing pet population as a whole. As noted above, spaying and neutering keeps the population of stray pets at more manageable levels and keeps unwanted pets from having to be euthanized.
  2. It costs less than you would think. The one-time cost is far less than the expenses incurred while caring for a litter of unwanted pups or kittens.
  3. It keeps your male dog at home. Males looking for a mate are quick to roam and will do what they can to escape their confines. Neutering your male pet will reduce the likelihood of his escaping your home, keeping him safe and happy.
  4. It keeps your female pet from going into “heat”. Female dogs go into breeding cycles about every six months; female cats have a much more complex breeding cycle, during which they can go into heat much more frequently than dogs. Spaying your female dog or cat helps eliminate her need to advertise for a willing mate, keeping her from howling and other behaviors that can be difficult to manage.
  5. It keeps your pet healthier in the long run. Spaying and neutering has been shown to help reduce the risks of developing breast cancer in females and testicular cancer in males. And, contrary to popular belief, the procedure does not carry the risk of causing your pet to become fat.

If you have additional questions about spaying or neutering your precious companions, give us a call at 954-473-0192 – we are here for you and your pets.