My dog is always happy to go back

I’ve used Camelot for more than 10 years now to board my pets and for veterinary care as well. That’s just one of the reasons why I trust them. The vet checks all of the pets before they go back to the boarding area, so I know that not only is my pet getting looked at, but so is everyone elses’ and any problems are addressed at that time. The staff is awesome – my dog is always clean and in great shape when I pick him up. I think the best indicator, though, is that my dog is always happy to go back – he recognizes when we make the turn in to the Camelot driveway and he can’t wait to get out of the car – I guess he must have fun there playing with his “friends”! Anyway, it gives me peace of mind knowing that he’s happy and well cared for when I have to go away. It’s a plus that there’s always a vet around, too.

Jimmy S.