pet care and bathing services Davie Being a proud pet owner is easy when your pet looks and feels its best. Pairing our veterinarian services with comprehensive overall pet care, we help our clients maintain their pet’s looks and health. Providing dental care, pet bathing services and weight management programs, Camelot Animal Hospital’s team of dedicated and caring techs keep Davie Florida pets looking and feeling their finest. Call now to schedule your pet care service at 954-473-0192. We help your pet look its best with the following services:

Bathing Services

Baths are given with soapless shampoo that will not dry out the skin or coat. Nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned, and anal sacs are expressed with every bath. Pets with special medical needs are able to receive medicated baths and “dips”. Treatment for fleas and ticks also available.

Dental Evaluation, Cleaning and Extractions

Poor dental hygiene can lead to more serious systemic diseases in pets. That is why regular preventative pet dental exams and cleanings are so important for the overall health of your pet. With each dental exam, a full oral examination and diagnostics are performed under anesthesia. Also included is a thorough cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler removes tartar build up as well as bacteria from under the gum line. Any teeth needing extraction are removed and the teeth are polished to complete the process. The patient is monitored by the doctor and nurse throughout the whole procedure.

Prescription Diets and Weight Management Counseling

Nutrition contributes in numerous ways to your pet’s overall wellness. Our medical team is trained and ready to work with you to maintain proper nutrition for your pet at every stage of life. Prescription diets will help an overweight pet reach and maintain its optimal weight. If a patient has a specific medical need, such as organ support or allergies, prescription diets can be a vital addition to a medicine regime or course of treatment to help the pet reach wellness sooner. Once a pet is stabilized, these diets are used to help maintain wellness.