dog microchip Davie Florida Microchip Placement 

Pet owners all over the world have taken advantage of today’s best pet recovery technology by getting microchips implanted in their dogs and cats. Microchips are gently inserted just under the surface of your dog’s skin, making it a convenient way to ensure that your pet is safely found if ever lost. Though not considered a replacement for a standard ID tag, they do provide a level of safety and identification if your pet should ever wander away from home.

Completely safe and efficient, the placement of the microchip requires just one office visit and is done without the need of anesthesia. The skilled veterinary techs at Camelot Hospital handles all aspects of the microchip placement and registration process, making sure that our client is completely satisfied; allowing them to feel the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their precious pet is protected from loss. Schedule your microchip placement procedure now to increase the likelihood that your dog or cat will be found safely if ever lost or missing.