veterinarian Davie Florida When a family pet exhibits signs of a developing illness, pet owners often feel helpless, frustrated and worried. With proper diagnosis, our veterinary staff can more effectively develop a treatment plan that specifically addresses the cause of your pet’s symptoms in a qualitative manner. Focused on compassionate yet comprehensive care, both the vets and techs at Camelot Animal Hospital strive to help your precious pet regain optimal health through innovative and highly-focused pet health care.

Our illness treatment protocol includes:

Illness Diagnosis and Treatment

Our goal is to help families keep their pets in optimum health and vitality throughout their entire lives. At the first sign of illness, diagnosis is the first step to bring a patient back to health. The knowledge and expertise of the medical team in conjunction with observations and input from a pet’s family, and the most advanced diagnostics available, allow the veterinarian to more quickly and accurately diagnose the patient’s illness. The veterinarian discusses treatment options with the patient’s family so they can make an informed decision about the best course of action. The medical team continues to inform and educate the family throughout treatment, ensuring that all procedures and medications are offered and explained on the way to our mutual goal of the pet’s full recovery.

Digital Radiology

Full sets of radiographs with and without sedation are available. Digital imaging provides sharp and detailed x-rays that are essential tools in diagnostics. These images may be delivered to clients and specialists wirelessly and without losing detail in the process.


The hospital’s in-house laboratory facilitates faster test results and diagnosis. Our lab is able to analyze blood, urine, and fecal samples, as well as tissue cells. If additional in-depth tests are needed, our long-standing partnership with a national lab ensures fast turnaround on the full range of lab diagnostics.

Disease Management Counseling

Diagnosis is only the first step when it comes to curing or managing a disease. After all diagnostics have brought the medical team to the diagnosis of a patient’s illness, they are available to the pet’s family to explain every facet of the disease and make available all options for treatment. This line of communication is important to keep the patient’s family informed, comforted, and empowered with the backing of the best medical care available.

Surgery and Rehabilitation Management

While good preventative medicine helps to avoid surgical procedures altogether, sometimes surgery is the best option for a patient’s health. The doctor and nursing staff are highly trained and skilled at performing these procedures and giving the proper care afterwards. The decision to operate is a big one, so the medical team makes sure the family has all of the options and information they need to make the best decision. Our medical team members are also available before and after surgery to fully explain the procedure and to discuss and demonstrate any after care required at home.