animal hospital Davie FL Regular preventive vet care is instrumental to properly caring for your animal family members. With specialized care programs for every stage of your pet’s life, Camelot Animal Hospital’s vets and techs can help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life. Always focused on your pet, our staff is eager to assist with all of your pets’ health requirements. Schedule your next health and wellness exam by calling us at 954-473-0192.

Annual Wellness Check-ups

This is a comprehensive “nose to tail” exam. Performed by the Veterinarian, it encompasses a combination of physical and diagnostic evaluation. This is done every year to ensure the health of your pet. These check-ups may or may not include annual vaccines and laboratory work. The doctor and nurse take the time to answer any questions or address concerns the family of the pet may have.

New Puppy and Kitten Comprehensive Wellness Exams

New puppies and kittens are exciting additions to any family, but wellness exams are essential to be sure they can add to their families’ happiness for many years to come. New puppy/kitten exams are longer because they include extensive client education. This is a great time to ask as many questions as possible (we suggest making a list) and it is an opportunity to learn about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership. The veterinarian and nursing staff will discuss special needs particular to breed and discuss breed characteristics so new owners can strengthen the bond between themselves and their new pets.

Preventative Health Care Plans

Plans come with a variety of options for each stage of your dog’s or cat’s life: Puppy or Kitten, Adult, or Senior Plans. These packages are designed to offer deep discounts to make it more affordable to address the most important aspects of your pet’s health and wellness to prevent avoidable conditions and diseases that can be painful for your pet and more costly for you if left unchecked. Plans may include such features as preventative blood screenings, physical exams, spay or neuter, dental, vaccines, baths, nail trims, and discounts on flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention and microchipping.

Senior Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Senior pets can stay healthy too. As a pet ages, its needs dietary and medical changes and the team at Camelot Animal Hospital is here to help guide you and your older pet through that process. To maintain peak health, senior comprehensive wellness exams are recommended every year. They include a full physical, discussion of which vaccine options are best for the particular patient, blood and urine samples, and the possibility of radiographs of the joints. The doctor and nursing team will also discuss helpful dietary changes and aids such as joint supplements or other recommendations to help keep your pet healthy and active.