Though traveling during the holidays to visit friends and family should be enjoyable, the stress of perhaps not being able to take along our pets can be taxing. Many pet owners would prefer to take their furry family members along with them but it’s not always feasible that they do so. This holiday season, alleviate the guilt you may feel about leaving him/her behind by finding a dog boarding facility that will take perfect care of your dog. Ensure your dog’s well-being and your peace of mind by using these tips for finding a great boarding kennel:

  • Schedule a tour – Getting a full understanding of where your pet is going to be kept will give you a number of cues as to how well the kennel is run. If they are hesitant about allowing you to take your time assessing both indoor and outdoor areas, you may want to consider elsewhere. Schedule a few days of doggie daycare beforehand in order to get a real sense of how well your dog copes with the new environment.
  • Ask questions – Don’t be shy about getting a full description of everything the boarding facility provides. Make sure that you understand the daily routine in regards to how much exercise your dog will be getting, what overnight care includes and what the feeding and kenneling schedule looks like.
  • Ensure the safety of your dog – Make sure that if your dog has any special dietary or medical requirements, the staff is well-educated and able to handle them. Safeguard the care of your dog by finding out what the protocol is in regards to emergencies.
  • Be a witness – When visiting or touring the facility, take your dog with you. If he is fine socializing with other dogs, take some time to witness his interactions with both staff and dogs. Take special note of the facility’s supervision of dogs during play time. Do they interact with the dogs? Do they keep potential risky situations to a minimum? How many people are involved during play time?

At Camelot Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel, we understand that leaving your pet in the care of another can be stressful. We take the privilege of being responsible for your dog or cat very seriously and strive to provide the same level of attention and love that you yourself would give. With indoor, air-conditioned units, large acreage and access to our extensive veterinarian services, our boarding kennels are rated to be among the very best in Davie. Schedule a tour of our boarding facility to ensure that your dog or cat is lovingly cared for over the holidays.