Though it’s a season that is supposed to be festive and joyful, the holidays can be downright dangerous for your pet. The additional tempting treats, the intrigue of the blinking lights and the seemingly harmless tree all add up to an elevated risk to your pet’s health. As your favorite veterinarian in Davie, we would like to remind you to take special care while celebrating in order to keep your pets safe and healthy throughout the holidays and into the new year. The following present the biggest risks to your dogs and cats and caution should be exercised when these items and foods are present:

  • Chocolate – Though most pet owners are aware that chocolate is poison to dogs, many more people have the treat in their homes during this time of year. The darker the chocolate, the more poisonous to your pup. Keep chocolate safely put away to avoid accidental ingestion.
  • Christmas Trees – Cats are naturally intrigued by shiny objects like tinsel. If you have a cat that you cannot keep an eye on, leave the tinsel off your tree. Cats have been known to chew on it, getting it wound around their tongues and stuck in their digestive system. Pieces of tinsel can act like saws, cutting into your cats intestines. The water in the tree stand can be dangerous too
  • Strings of Lights – Try as best as possible to keep dangling electric cords out of the reach of curious puppies. They can electrocute or seriously burn your dog or cat if bitten into.
  • Holiday foods – So you already knew to not give your furry family member chocolate, but did you know that macadamia nuts, walnuts, uncooked bread, onions, garlic, grapes or raisins and even avocados all present a variety of health risks to your dog? Avoid giving your pet any table scraps and make sure that your guests know to refrain from doing so too.
  • Xylitol – Artificial sweeteners found in a variety of baked treats can cause your dogs blood pressure to drop to life-threatening levels. Again, refrain from giving table treats to your pets as you do not know how they will react.