With Halloween just a few short days away,  time is limited for those people whose traditions include dressing their furry and four-legged family members in costume. If you haven’t already decided on a costume for your dog, make sure that, whatever you choose, it is not only cute and comfortable but safe for him or her to wear. Unfortunately, not every pet costume was constructed with your pet’s health and safety in mind. By protecting your pet against the dangers that some costumes present, you’ll be able to avoid the unintended, and sometimes tragic, consequences of holiday garb.

Camelot Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel has watched Davie families include their pets in Halloween festivities since 1978.  As one of Davie’s long-standing and trusted animal hospitals, we hope you keep in mind the following before you dress up your pet:

  • Make sure the costume fits properly. An ill-fitting one can pose a hazard if your dog begins to chew on the extra fabric. One that is too snug can limit her movement and cause a risk of injury while trying to walk, run or move while wearing it.
  • Remove any accessories that may present a choking or internal blockage hazard. Ribbons, bows, strings or accessories that he can chew or swallow should be discarded.
  • Perform a trial run. Get your pooch used to wearing clothing if she usually goes ‘au naturel’. A dress rehearsal will also help alert you to any allergy problems or other issues your pet has with wearing a costume, and it will allow him time to get used to the feeling.

Halloween can be full of family fun by keeping safety as well as spookiness in mind for every family member. How about giving your dog’s costume that trial run at Camelot? Stop by Camelot Animal Hospital between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Halloween – you can meet our new veterinarian Dr. Lisa Feinstein and we’ll give your pet a free costume check to make sure it’s safe for the rest of the day’s festivities. We’re also taking pictures of pooches (and family) in costume to post on Facebook (and send to you), and we’re handing out treats for Fido and the whole family!