1. Its the Riskiest Time of the Year for Pets

    Though it's a season that is supposed to be festive and joyful, the holidays can be downright dangerous for your pet. The additional tempting treats, the intrigue of the blinking lights and the seemingly harmless tree all add up to an elevated risk to your pet's health. As your favorite veterinarian in Davie, we would like to remind you to take special care while celebrating in order to keep you…Read More

  2. Beware of Xylitol!

    Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is safe for humans but toxic to dogs. It has been used as an ingredient in many sugar-free chewing gums (Orbit, Stride, Trident) for years, but its use is expanding to more foods, including some baked goods, desserts, even sugar-free peanut butters. The human food industry has recognized its benefits for preventing tooth decay and lowering sugar intake for human …Read More

  3. How to Choose a Safe Costume for Your Pooch

    With Halloween just a few short days away,  time is limited for those people whose traditions include dressing their furry and four-legged family members in costume. If you haven't already decided on a costume for your dog, make sure that, whatever you choose, it is not only cute and comfortable but safe for him or her to wear. Unfortunately, not every pet costume was constructed with your pet's …Read More