1. Holiday Toxins

    Holiday Toxins You Better Watch Out, Iā€™m Telling You Why By Dr. Lisa Feinstein   The Holiday Season is upon us and with it comes Christmas trees, Hanukkah Menorahs and lots of wreaths, candy and potpourri displays. Some of these are dangerous to you pets if ingested. Take note by being informed on the potentially dangerous things you pet can get exposed to. Christmas wreaths and trees are b…Read More

  2. Fireworks Anxiety

    Fourth of July Fireworks Phobia Dr. Lisa Feinstein DVM MPH   New Year's is here. If your dog has a fireworks and loud noise phobia, you should be prepared. Some dogs get so scared that they can harm themselves and cause damage to the house and their surroundings. What can you do to help your dog? If your dog is young, sometimes your dog will grow up without developing a fear of fireworks. If …Read More

  3. Backyard Chickens

    Backyard Chickens By Lisa H Feinstein DVM MPH I have had the pleasure of raising chickens for the last 12 years. Not only do they produce fresh, organic eggs, they are also fun and personable. Each one has a unique personality. They all know me and follow me around in my yard. I let them out during the day and they come to me when I call them in to the coop. I even have a female wild turkey that w…Read More

  4. Beware of Xylitol!

    Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is safe for humans but toxic to dogs. It has been used as an ingredient in many sugar-free chewing gums (Orbit, Stride, Trident) for years, but its use is expanding to more foods, including some baked goods, desserts, even sugar-free peanut butters. The human food industry has recognized its benefits for preventing tooth decay and lowering sugar intake for human …Read More